Under The Hood — Frequently Asked Questions About Used Car

smiling used car salesman with many used cars behind himIf your car buying journey has taken you on the path of used cars, then you may have a few questions in your mind. Since used cars obviously differ from new cars for a variety of reasons, it’s no surprise that used car dealerships differ from new car dealerships as well. Here, we intend to clear up any doubts you may have and guide you accordingly. This way, you’ll be in the right mindset the moment you step foot within Express Auto Credit’s doors. Then, you’ll be able to make the correct car buying decision.

Can I Afford a Used Car?

It’s no surprise that used cars are cheaper than new cars. But before you go ahead and purchase a used car, you need to understand that this will be a purchase you’ll still have to pay off throughout time. Unless you have tens of thousands of dollars lying around, you will have to take out a loan. This step is usually unavoidable whether you’re buying new or used. Make sure your finances allow the purchase of a vehicle.

At Express Auto Credit, we strive to make the car buying process as effortless as possible. For this reason, we offer Buy Here, Pay Here services. This means that you can buy your car at Express Auto Credit and arrange the car’s loan and make payments for it right here as well! No need to go to a bank to get a loan, you can do it all in one convenient place.

Which Used Car Should I Choose?

Used car dealerships stand apart from new car dealerships in the simple fact that used car dealerships are chock-full of all the makes and models. Almost all brands imaginable reside under the same roof at Express Auto Credit. This gives you all the choice you could ever desire! This amount of choice can also make things more difficult. Since there are many car brands from which to choose, it’s good to do the appropriate research and create a shortlist of car brands and models you’d like to own. From there, you’ll be able to proceed accordingly without getting overwhelmed by the variety.

Where Can I Get A Used Car?

Once you have your shortlist of potential used vehicles, it’s time to visit Express Auto Credit. We boast a wide array of cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs to suit the needs to every shopper. Every driver is different. The roads we travel may look similar, but the reason we embark on our own personal journeys all differ.

Express Auto Credit makes finding the right car easy. We also strive to make the car buying process as simple and stress-free as possible. On top of being vast and varied, the inventory at Express Auto Credit is reliable and affordable. We also offer Buy Here, Pay Here services so any guesswork and stress can be taken out of the car buying process. So, if you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a reliable, high-quality vehicle, choose Express Auto Credit today!

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