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4 Things to Look for When Shopping for Used Cars

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Shopping for another car can be a great experience, especially if you go with buying a used one, but it only takes a little bit for everything to go wrong. Purchasing another car should be a rite of passage, not something you stress and stress about. At Express Auto Credit, we work hard to ensure our customers’ shopping experience is just that. Here are four things to look for when shopping for used cars, brought to you by everyone here at Express Auto Credit.

#1: The Kind of Car You Need

This one is an obvious point. You don’t want to get a two-door sports car when you need one with the capacity to transport your three kids to and from school, soccer practice, the mall, what have you. A few important things to think about include size, desired color, desired make and model, gas mileage, the interior, and all kinds of other things. A good thing to do is to come up with a list of the five most important things you want your car to have so you can narrow your search results. While you may have to be flexible elsewhere, having a top five also helps to ensure you get the car you want and need.

#2: High-Quality Vehicles

There’s a common misconception that just because you’re buying used, you’re getting a bad deal, that the car you get will be terrible, damaged, or will somehow not work correctly. This isn’t true, however, when you go to a trustworthy dealership that sells high-quality vehicles. Even used, a high-quality vehicle will give you what you need in a car for a long time, so you don’t have to stress about the fact you plan to buy used.

#3: A Reliable Dealership

That being said, you want to find a reliable dealership to go to. A reliable dealership will not only sell used cars they confidently stand behind, but will also offer amazing customer service, helping you through the enter car buying experience so you can rest assured knowing you are making the right decision.

#4: In-House Financing Options

When shopping for a used car, you want to find a dealership that offers in-house financing so you can receive financing regardless. At Express Auto Credit, we believe everyone should be able to purchase a car that meets their lifestyle regardless of their credit history.

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