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The Benefits of Buy Here, Pay Here Financing

model car on top of a buy here pay here agreement in front of a car salesmanIf you have visited any of the car dealerships on Alameda Avenue you are probably wondering what exactly buy here, pay here financing is. Essentially, this form of financing is great for anyone looking to drive off a lot with a used car the same day. A used car dealership can use this form of financing to provide a vehicle for even those with less than favorable credit. This is just one of the benefits you can find. When you turn to these services you have the opportunity to increase your credit score as well.

What is Buy Here, Pay Here Financing?

When a car dealership offers buy here, pay here services, they are offering to finance your vehicle in house. This can be to many people’s advantage, because the dealership will provide this offer for just about anyone. They will finance the vehicle, then each monthly payment needs to be paid at the dealership. Because they assume a large risk extending credit, they require an upfront down payment. The amount of the down payment is set by the vehicle.

Buying Used Saves Money

Purchasing a vehicle at used car dealership is a nice way to save. You can cut out the cost of purchasing new that you pay when you get the latest model. Someone else has already paid for the benefit of driving it off the lot for the first time. Not only that, are dealerships  will provide cleaning services and a thorough checkup of the engine. Even though you are purchasing a used vehicle, it is usually in good condition. Turning to a dealership is also a great way to find a vehicle that suits your needs as they have a large selection.

Visit Us Today

If you are in the market for a used vehicle be sure to contact us at Express Auto Credit in El Paso. We offer buy here, pay here services. You don’t have to worry about your credit score being unfavorable. Purchasing a car with us is as simple as saving up your down payment. We can work with you and your budget to find a vehicle that will meet your needs. With our convenient financing, your monthly payments will also help to bring up your credit score. When you come to our used car dealership, it’s an opportunity to drive off the lot with a vehicle and increase your credit score. Call or visit us today!

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