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Used Car Financing for Everyone

Cars For Sale Stock Lot Row. Car Dealer InventoryTaking advantage of used car financing is the best way to find a quality car at the right price. Purchasing a used car actually offers many advantages. This is especially true for anyone with less than great credit. It’s no secret, having a car sure does make life easier. From finding a job to taking the kids to school, the convenience can be amazing. For some people, owning a car is a must. However, with substandard credit it can seem just about impossible to get a car. The good news is that here at Express Auto Credit, we offer used car financing and the ability to purchase a car to every customer. Whether you are a student in need of getting to college each day or a parent, we are sure to have something for you.

New Cars Come With Extra Costs

If we are being honest, a new car is an unnecessary expense. It isn’t just a cliche, new cars really do lose value the moment you drive off the lot. A new car will lose 25 percent of the value within the first year of ownership. After five years of ownership most vehicles lose about 60 percent of their value. That’s a lot of money to pay just to be the first driver of that vehicle. On top of that, new cars come with extra costs, taxes, and fees as well. Don’t be fooled, the taxes alone can add up to thousands of dollars.

Used Cars Offer the Same Benefits With Lower Costs

If you are willing to purchase a car that has been driven by someone else and is not the newest model you can drive off the lot with an exceptional vehicle for a far lower costs. Used car lots have standards for the cars they sell. This is good news for used car buyers. Most quality car sellers will have a mechanic inspect the vehicle before placing them on sale. This means that with used car financing you can drive away with a functioning vehicle for all your needs at a much lower cost than buying new.

Used Car Financing at a Buy Here Pay Here Location

For some people, purchasing a car isn’t even a possibility. Their credit score may make the purchase impossible. However, at a buy here pay here car lot, by paying the necessary down payment you are guaranteed to drive off the lot with a vehicle. At Express Auto Credit we can help you find the right car for your needs and budget. Contact us today for more information.

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