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Car Shopping? Used Car Dealerships Should Be Your First Stop

used car dealership lotIt’s finally here- time to buy a car. Whether you want to upgrade your current vehicle or looking to buy for the very first time, it’s an exciting time. Also nerve racking- there are a lot of questions and decisions to be made. However much you are itching for a new car, there are some very good reasons why used car dealerships should be the first places you should go. We know what you are thinking- the shiny appeal of a brand new car fresh off the line can be hard to resist. It can be very tempting to want a new car, but you have to stop and ask yourself if it is the best choice. New cars come with a lot more baggage than you think, while we have some pretty convincing reasons why used cars may just end up being a better choice.

Minimize Depreciation

Believe it or not, new cars lose about 20% of their value as soon as you drive it off the lot. Yes folks- as soon as you sign the dotted line and drive off into the sunset with your new car, it is already worth 20% less than what you are paying for it. Imagine- calculate 20% of your monthly payment and that’s how much you are paying for virtually nothing. During the first year, you lose another 10%. Yep- you lost 30% of your brand new car’s value in the first year alone. However, the right used car can be bought and used by a driver with little depreciation. A used car dealership like Express Auto Credit has friendly experts that will always work to get you into the right car so you don’t lose money as soon as you drive your car off of the lot.

Make Your Budget Stretch

When you choose to browse for a car at used car dealerships, it is pretty obvious that you will be able to stretch your budget a lot more. Where with a new car you may be able to only afford a base model with few extras, a used car dealership can have an older version with more features for the same price. Additionally, a new car may end up coming with many features you don’t have any interest in using, or will only use once or twice before the novelty wears off. Why spend more on things you don’t use?

Used Car Dealerships Are Reliable

We all know the jokes about used car dealerships of times past. However, in today’s market, used car dealerships are just as trustworthy as new car dealerships. With tools like Carfax, you can be sure you aren’t buying a car with a hidden history, or past issues that will end up costing you money. With one simple search of a vehicle’s VIN number, you will have a report of that car’s entire history!

Trust Express Auto Credit Today

If you are in the market for a car, don’t be fooled by shiny new cars that will end up costing you more money than necessary. Our friendly staff will help put you in the right car so you can get the most for your buck. Visit us today!

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