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Used Cars and the Cultural Significance of Mobility in the 20th and 21st Century

man driving vintage car through desertGasoline-fueled cars have been a big part of popular culture for over a century. Gary Numan sang about feeling “safest of all” while inside his car in his 1979 song “Cars.” The cultural significance of cars in music goes far deeper than you might expect. Take seminal rock ‘n’ roll band The Cars, for example. Ric Ocasek and Co. can be seen as some of the most successful and accomplished musicians of all time. Their music is still being used today in movies and commercials, after all. We’re not saying that these musicians succeeded became they drew inspiration from cars, we’re simply stating that their choices in naming might’ve had something to do with how successful they became. Best of all, everyone can partake in car ownership. Used cars give individuals the ability to own a reliable vehicle at an affordable price. You’ll be feeling “safest of all” in no time.

Used Cars and the Cultural Significance of Mobility

Cars gave people everywhere the ability to be free, to be mobile and to travel from point A to point B quickly and efficiently. The days of horse-drawn carriages and steam-powered trains were coming to a close. Along with this newfound mobility, cities began to grow exponentially. The speed in which cities grew propelled people to buy cars so they could get to work or go to the movies whenever they wanted to. It could be seen as a mutual relationship in which both parties benefit. The city grows because people have the ability to become more and more mobile. It’s as wonderful as it is simple.

People who don’t own cars may feel left behind. This common feeling can be easily satiated thanks to the advent of used cars. Used cars are the easiest, most affordable way to become part of the fast-paced world of vehicle drivers. Since used car dealerships stock a wide variety of makes and models, you’ll be able to choose the car of your dreams. Perhaps you’d like a Delorean because Back to the Future is your favorite film trilogy. Or maybe you’d like a Volkswagen Bus so you could fulfill your Woodstock fantasies. Or perhaps you’d like to purchase a used car that’s yet to become a cultural icon.

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